Always Protected.

Always On... Are You?

Downtime and data loss can be catastrophic to your business. Data protection done right can eliminate downtime, drive modernization, and boost digital transformation so your business is always on.

It’s why, in one platform, Zerto helps you eliminate overlap in data protection tools, converge disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility, all while removing vendor lock-in. The result? Lower TCO and more focus on your IT priorities.

The demand for data keeps growing because the value it holds has never been more powerful. But the proliferation of applications and the data they create are outpacing legacy backup and recovery technology's ability to protect it and ensure 'always on business.' This underscores the importance of and need for continuous data protection. IDC research has found that:


of organizations have taken steps to utilize data more effectively and to make accurate decisions faster


of organizations experienced unrecoverable data within the past 12 months


of organizations have suffered a ransomware or malware attack within the past 12 months


of organizations' backup/recovery system failed at a critical time, primarily due to backup time gaps

IDC, The State of Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Readiness: 2021, Phil Goodwin, April 2021

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