Which Cloud is the Right Choice for Your DR and Backup?

Balancing Cloud Benefits with the Right Cloud Model and Support

Many organizations are seeing the cloud as a panacea for resolving their cost, resource, and technical limitations. Yet, it’s crucial to understand the options and set the right expectations. While some cloud models offer basic levels of protection, organizations often need more. Making a smart choice for protecting your applications and data is as important as choosing the right cloud in the first place.

Zerto’s vendor-agnostic, cloud-ready platform stands ready to protect your mission-critical data and applications wherever your cloud journey takes you. Leveraging Zerto for DR or backup in the cloud helps you reduce your data center footprint and resource costs while modernizing your IT strategy with cloud.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or Public Cloud

IaaS brings a cost-effective and scalable way to quickly migrate your workloads and begin protecting your applications. IaaS coupled with a DR solution like Zerto is ideal for organizations that want to: • Reduce cost and scale quickly • Move towards an OPEX or pay as you go model • Have IT staff dedicated to DR or Backup with cloud skills

VMware on Public Cloud

Ideal for organizations seeking to unlock the benefits of public cloud without having to re-architect their environments. Utilizing native VMware environments in the public cloud is a cost-efficient and scalable solution for any size organization. Zerto and VMware on public cloud is the fastest way to move to cloud.

DR as a Service (DRaaS)

DRaaS brings similar benefits of IaaS with the added value of expertise from cloud service providers that help to unlock the full value of the public cloud. Organizations that choose DRaaS typically have: • Limited IT personnel • Need improved RTOs and RPOs • Need dedicated support

Private Cloud

Private clouds are infrastructures for a single organization, providing more control over resources.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud strategy utilizes both public and private cloud options to minimize cost and maximize efficiency and protection.